Brand Identity Agency in Bury

Many companies struggle with the idea of brand identity feeling it is a modern concept, a fad that will fade over time. We hate to tell you but brand identity spans back hundreds of years and it is here to stay. Do you ever see a logo and know instantly which company it belongs to? Or hear a jingle and know what is being advertised? That is brand identity at its best.

Brand identity is not just for the large international corporations, even the local corner shop adopts a brand strategy with carrier bags with their names printed along with a loyalty card to keep you coming.

Brand identity can dramatically help to increase your profits, it is all down to knowing how to build a brand and use it. This is where we come in. Here at Newton Creative, we specialise in creating the best brand identity for your business needs in the form of creative, design and digital services.

To speak to the best brand identity agency in Bury call us today on 0161 681 6375. We are happy to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve these.

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