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There is just one big disadvantage about working in a headquarters department at the British Council in the UK. It is not the rain or the lack of anything resembling a meaningful summer. The one thing that I miss above everything else is not being at the 'coal-face' of customer service and dealing directly...
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Read this section for the latest information from Customer Management, including a new Contact Centre webinar series from Customer Contact Council, and a Mystery Shopping call to action!...
Article 2
Like Rachel, I miss the direct contact I used to have with customers and service teams when working in Singapore. Life can feel 'one step removed' at times here at Spring Gardens with little opportunity to work at 'local' level. Now that is all about to change as we have redesigned the way we work...
Article 3
How many times have you been told to think about your customers, to put yourself in their shoes? More times that you can remember? Yes, I thought so. Well then, let us make this easy for you and introduce you to Laura, one of our customers from Spain. Austerity in Europe has forced her, like it has for many others, to make life-changing choices...
Article 4
My friend Laura Calin, ICS Coordinator at the British Council Bucharest office was the first to experience the Managing Service Excellence course early last year. She came back from Turkey with a twinkle in her eyes. "Was it Istanbul or was it the course?" we asked. "Both", she replied with a huge contagious smile on her face...
Article 5
We have developed an online learning course for colleagues in the British Council who are involved in developing, delivering and managing products and services for our customers. That's just about every one of us in the global network!...
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