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HAWCS, Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Society, approached us initially to look at their website design, and after increasing traffic to their site, we were also asked to produce a membership leaflet and help with a charity launch event and invitations.

The launch event was attended by various celebrities, and the charity patron - Katherine Kelly.

HAWCS aim is to work in conjunction with other NGO’s, zoological organisations, Educational facilities and Governments in the UK and abroad to further develop conservation and preservation practices.

They deliver a programme of education on conservation of habitat and wildlife to schools throughout the UK and the native countries in which they are involved. Their vision is to promote awareness and understanding of the natural world and it’s plight to a growing human population and what action they can take to safe guard these fast diminishing environments and species.

HAWCS aim is to promote the intrinsic value of wildlife and their habitats, as well as the interconnection that exists between eco-systems and the economic and scientific benefits these systems provide. It is their hope and belief that they can help in preserving the rights of indigenous human and animal populations to co-exist as they have for generations in a sustainable manner.

Newton Creative - HAWCS Charity Website
Website design and build

Newton Creative - Katherine Kelly HAWCS Charity Patron
Katherine Kelly HAWCS Charity Patron

Newton Creative - HAWCS Sponsorship Leaflet
Sponsorship Leaflet design and print