In this edition, you will read about progress in a variety of areas but our central pillars – brand, market insight, capability, CRM and support and integration with digital and partnerships – remain the same.

We have been busy with MENA and South Asia recruitment, and, now, with an upcoming Americas review. I am working with our regional teams to assess and build the right shapes for their businesses.

Personally, the world opens up daily for me as I work with colleagues across the board. But as always our main focus is the customer/stakeholder/partner/user. You will read below about the Marketing Development Fund which will lead to a lot of activity and new campaigns.

But the big ask is always: who are our customers today, what do they want from us and who do they think we are?

Our CRM pilot continues to unlock lots of potential for us as we build the design for a collaborative framework. It's not just names – we also need to have the right data to cross info, cross sell and manage our service and enquiries. The big pieces to deliver right now are the English and Education (EE) and Programmes and Projects (PP) pilots. Of course, none of what we do is an island so everything integrates, including marketing itself as a function. We are working closely with colleagues in Digital, gaining insight into our audiences and building the final designs on sites, blogs and social media. Our brand team continue to be in the spotlight for everything including the latest Governmental (GREAT Britain) campaign. Within this, British Council's two big areas are English and Education – more on that to come.

Eda Colbert, Director Marketing



At a critical moment of grant reduction and economic pressure, the British Council has secured an investment fund which will help us build and strengthen our portfolio of products, promote it robustly to audiences that we will know very well, and generally improve our marketing capabilities to make sure that we deliver the right programmes to the right customers through the right channels.

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Discover how the team have worked with India to inform the transformation of their digital offer, researching the market and audiences. See how business decisions were made on evidence rather than intuition or personal preferences.

Catch up with the latest news about our two campaigns being developed inter regionally to exploit teen and adult markets.

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Why accept less?

Why do the Brand Team care so much about our logo? Why should you care? Does anybody really care? Does it matter? Why do we need one at all? Does it make any difference to our customers?

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The future's bright, the future's yellow.

The design team has adopted a new bright colourway to reflect our new vibrant team of design professionals.

Follow the link to see some of our latest projects.

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The CRM pilot has progressed significantly over the last couple of months, from scoping the business strands involved in the pilot exercise to understanding how technology can support the business and learning valuable lessons that will help us deliver a solution which will bring maximum benefits to the business.

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Meet the latest member of the Marketing team, Rachael Warne our new Global Marketing Capability Manager. Find out how she will help to improve the Marketing capabilities of our global community.

The call for applications for joint British Council-CIM Certificate and Diploma courses is now open.

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Nokia and the British Council in China have joined forces to deliver mobile English learning to customers in remote areas of China whom we had not been able to reach before. See how consumers in rural areas and small towns catch up with the latest trends in digital applications in order to improve heir life and contribute to the overall prosperity of the society.

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The audacity to win by David Plouffe

Michael Taylor, Head of Digital EU, shares hisimpressions of a story of ground breaking achievement that changed U.S. polotics forever - the story of Barack Obama's historic victory.

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